Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wilkommen ins blog!

I begin this blog in my home town of Melbourne, Australia; home of hidden lane ways, the best coffee around and a gastronomic abundance of restaurants, cafes, pubs, eating houses, bakeries, patisseries, Japanese bbqs and dumplings. Truly, our taste buds are spoilt for choice in Melbourne, and are often whisked to far-off places without every physically leaving our padded dining room chairs.

In Melbourne, we can have the best Xiao Long Bao dumplings at Hu Tong, authentic Mexican at Mamasita's, George's moussaka at Helenic Republic (that's a Masterchef joke for those playing at home) and potentially the best coffee you will ever find at Brother Baba Budan.

It could be all very safe to take my taste buds on mini gastronomic holidays, I would pack them little suitcases and make sure they all have sunscreen, without having to travel more than 6kms from home, however...while my taste buds may be happy not going the distance, my feet and my heart are throwing their hats in the ring, in fact, my whole body is ganging up on itself: everyone versus my taste buds. It's time to go: Fifi von Strudel (that's a Big Brother joke, if you didn't quite catch that).

So, my little taste buds are being dragged from the comfort of inner-suburban Melbourne for a sabbatical in the big wide world.

Beginning in New York and whiling my way around Europe, my taste buds will experience the best and the worst of what the world has to offer. I hoping for more of the former, and less of the latter.

Now, one thing you need to know about my little tasties (is that wrong?) is that they have a penchant for things that have been baked, poached, candied, creamed, whipped, glazed and with a cherry on top. That's right, the taste buds have a sweet tooth (this is getting weird, taste buds with anatomy? Feet and heart in a boxing ring punching on with taste buds? I promise less personification of my anatomy henceforth!)

So as I leave my sweet crepes at Choix, my ULTIMATE almond croissant at The French Quarter, delightful Red Velvets at Little Cupcakes, waffles with nutella from the guy at Degraves Street Subway and possibly the saddest farewell: Turkish delight doughnuts at Maha, I also look forward to discovering - literally - the sweeter things that life has to offer, from around the world.
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