Friday, March 18, 2011

Dearest friends,

Apologies for the radio silence on the blog of late. The only excuse I have is that my foodspiration has dried up a little of late. Believe me, food is DEFNITELY still being consumed, but I'm having a hard time deciding whether certain subjects would be of interest to my audience or not. Thus, I have found myself in a paralysed state of not writing for fear of being dull. Which is more boring? No writing at all, or writing on something of little interest?

Given that one of my aims for the year was to write more, I've decided that writing about something is better than not writing at all. So excuse me as the blog deviates from being strictly about food and moves to a quasi 'Life in Berlin' mashed in with some baking and other general musing. Yes, baking, because while I'm not necessarily chowing down on interesting food every day (hello salad) I still manage to bake frequently. My housemates love me.

New posts us soon, I promise!


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