Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Update

Hello friends,

It has been an age since I've posted, but I have been doing what one does when one lives in Europe, and that is country-hopping. Last week I was in Italy, and moments ago I landed back in Berlin after a brief sojourn in the Czech Republic. Trust me, there will be content and content in coming days (or maybe weeks..there's a lot to say!)

In addition to my travels, I've also been busy jotting down some articles for the FABULOUS European online mag, Running in Heels. 

Check out my article on some of Europe's trendiest fashion bloggers: Blogging in Heels: the Fashion Blogger Files - it's German for clothed, and also a great fashion blog!

Or, grab some inspiration for a summer-style garden party (souther hemisphere friends, take this a season or two early and start preparing for December!) in: Five of our Favourites....Garden Party Essentials

dreaming of summer yet, southern hemisphere? source
Off to put some washing on and unwind a bit, but more posts to come soon!

xox Fifi

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