Thursday, August 4, 2011

A summer* in Berlin

No more apologising for lack of posting, as sometimes life gets in the way of documenting it. The past month or so has been busier than usual, as Berlin has had a feeble attempt at summer. Never mind me, I'm just bitter that it's been raining for seven days straight, with a brief interlude of sunshine, only to resume with the wet stuff for another four days. Ergh!

Anyway, with what little summer-like weather we've had, we have certainly been making the most of it. The below pictures will tell the story for me (well, with some words from me, for explanation).

Berlin is full of abandoned places, owing to its recent history as a fractured city. The above is an abandoned listening station, which the Allies used to intercept air-wave traffic in the soviet East.

The below is an abandoned  brewery in East Berlin - which is now a haven for many of Berlin's creative street artists.

In mid-July we travelled one hour south-east of Berlin to attend Melt! Festival. We made friends with our Bavarian camping neighbours. Oh Bavarians! The festival itself was superbly organised (would you expect anything else in Germany?) and we managed to see some great acts, including Cut Copy, Nicolas Jaar, Lawrence,  Àme, Roman Flugel and more.

This photo is for all our friends in Australia. You're reading the sign correctly - TWO kilos of bananas for ONE euro (or 50 cents a kilo). This photo was taken at Turkischemarkt at Maybuchufer in Neukölln.

I cannot wait to be rid of these dammed 'Latte Macchiatos'. It's a latte, people, a cafe latte if you want to get special. Opting for a coffee on a sunny day probably wasn't my smartest move, but I sure did get my sweat on. Sorry Mum, I mean 'glow'. Anyway, this pic was to capture the paste-up behind me. I like to think it's Knut. RIP Knut.

It seems that Berlin has been taken over by wasps. They are anywhere food is, and manage to get in everywhere. I think I'll skip on the sugar this time...

The omnipresent symbol of Berlin -the Fernseherturm. This time captured with the sun behind it during a reprieve in the rain.

I hope you've enjoyed a snap-shot of my summer thus-far. I will endeavour to have another post up shortly with a recipe of a lil' something I've been baking of late.

xoxo Fifi

*summer, because it's a pretty poor excuse for summer, especially when I read that it's warmer in Melbourne - 22 degrees Celsius mid-winter?!? Cray Cray!

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